unGiappone 2019
calendario da muro
Fotografie di Paola Ghirotti
formato cm 30 di base per cm 60 di altezza
colori, stampa sulle due facciate,
8 fogli, per 16 pagine (facciate),
 con spirale in alto e foro centrale
Datario mensile, fasi lunari e feste giapponesi

unGiappone 2019
wall calendar
Photographs by Paola Ghirotti
Size: widht 30 cm, height 60 cm
full color on two sides,
8 leaves for 16 pages
Spiral bound on the top and central hole
Monthly calendar, moon phases and japanese holidays/celebrations/festivals 

Annual publication of Paola Ghirotti’s photographs is an event eagerly awaited by collectors, photography buffs and, by everybody interested in Japanese culture
The calendar was conceived, produced and is offered to the public by unGiappone® the trade mark, which maintains Paola Ghirotti’s pictorial archive,  her writings and, her ongoing photographic exploration of traditional cultures

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