archive photos by Paola Ghirotti
Jidai Matsuri / 1990-2020 * Festival of the Ages (時代祭)​​​​​​​
text: HoriYasue, Franco Fusco
In 1990, when coming back from the  Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix that took place at Sukuza the 21st of October, I decided to spend the night in Kyo-to to discover what the day after would be an important festival: The Jidai Matsuri.
The festival celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the antique capital of Kyoto, Heian-kyo, ‘The City of Peace and Tranquility’. It was celebrated from the time it was founded by Emperor Kanmu on the 22nd of October in 794 until the year 1868. At the break of day I walked in front of the Kyoto Gosho, the Imperial Palace, where in late morning there would be the parting of the procession to the Sanctuary of Heian Jingu.

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